Three Promotional Ideas To Offer Your Alcohol Delivery Clients

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Three Promotional Ideas To Offer Your Alcohol Delivery Clients

18 July 2018
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In order to retain lots of clients as an alcohol delivery service, you want to be courteous, accurate with your orders, and quick to deliver them. In this competitive market, however, you should also consider offering some promotions that your other delivery services that work in the same city don't have. Advertising these promotions on your website, on signs around town, and on your mobile app if you have one should encourage more people who are looking to buy alcohol without leaving their homes to choose you to provide it. Here are some smart promotional ideas.

Seasonal Promotions

When you run an alcohol delivery service, you commonly have specific pricing on the products that you can provide your clients. It's advantageous to think about what promotional ideas you can offer based on the season. For example, if you're working the week between Christmas and New Year's, you may want to offer a price drop on champagne. Many of your customers will be buying this type of alcohol, and your favorable pricing may be enticing. Similarly, you might wish to drop the price of beer on Sundays during the football season for the same reason.

Social Media Promotions

Social media is always an effective tool for promoting your business. Make sure that you get accounts on multiple social media platforms and gather followers. You can incentivize those who follow you on social media by offering special promotions that are only for your followers. For example, you could provide a discount code on social media that your clients will notice and feel compelled to use when they next place an order with you. Or, you could have a monthly winner for a free delivery by choosing a winner of everyone who retweets one of your messages on Twitter, for example.

Repeat Usage Promotions

Recognizing the loyalty of your clients is a smart move in this business, given that there are likely several other alcohol delivery services that they could use. An effective promotional idea to consider is setting up a promotion that gives people discounts the more that they order. For example, you could offer 15 percent off a client's 10th order with you. This type of promotional will encourage him or her to continue ordering with you, especially after the first couple orders when the goal of 10 is within sight. After claiming this discount, the client starts back at zero and can get another discount upon his or her 10th order.

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