Are You Hosting Your Own Fiftieth Anniversary Party?

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Are You Hosting Your Own Fiftieth Anniversary Party?

30 August 2018
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While your children might want to host a big celebration for your fiftieth anniversary, you might have different ideas. Perhaps you and your spouse have decided that you would rather have an intimate celebration that includes only close family members and your dearest friends. Even if your kids continue with their own party plans, consider still having the intimate celebration, too. After all, it's your anniversary to celebrate. From sending special invitations to placing an order at a liquor store like East Side Wine & Spirits, here are some ideas that might help you to plan an unforgettable intimate fiftieth-anniversary party for yourselves. 

The Invitations: Remember that the invitations you send will help to set the tone of your own anniversary celebration. If your children have already sent fancy invitations for a very elegant affair, that's wonderful. Think of making your own clever invitations. For example, the front of the invitation might have an informal picture of you and your spouse along with words like You Get To Celebrate Our Fiftieth Anniversary With Us TWICE!  If your own celebration will be a casual one, one where your small group can more easily visit, consider adding a suggestion that the dress will be casual. Of course, if you want an elegant second party, send out elegant invitations and indicate something like Formal Dress on the inside of the invitation. Be sure that your guests understand that this is a totally separate affair from the party your children are hosting. Your guests will more than likely be very honored that you have counted them in your special celebration. 

The Liquor Order: Do you want to offer appetizers and drinks before the meal is served? If so, consider setting up an open bar. The clerk at your liquor store will be able to make suggestions about the most popular alcoholic beverages for you to have available. If you want specialty drinks, maybe margaritasthe clerk will tell you which liquors to buy for them. Think of ordering your favorite wine to go with the meal that will be served. If you aren't a wine expert, the clerk at your liquor store will be happy to suggest the type of wine that would be best with your menu. Don't forget to order champagne so that toasts can be made. Will there be anybody who is a teetotaler? If so, it would be very thoughtful for you to have some non-alcoholic wine and champagne available for those individuals.