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I have always loved having people come over, but a few months ago, it occurred to me that there was one problem with my menu options. For starters, we didn't have any appetizers, and the second issue was the fact that I had completely overlooked the drinks we were serving. We didn't have very many options for people, which became an issue after people started asking questions. I decided to start working on a way to create a more interesting, tasty drink menu, so I started experimenting with different flavors of liquor, fruit purees, and bitters. Check out this blog for tips on mixing up a great drink.


Are You Hosting Your Own Fiftieth Anniversary Party?

30 August 2018
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While your children might want to host a big celebration for your fiftieth anniversary, you might have different ideas. Perhaps you and your spouse have decided that you would rather have an intimate celebration that includes only close family members and your dearest friends. Even if your kids continue with their own party plans, consider still having the intimate celebration, too. After all, it's your anniversary to celebrate. From sending special invitations to placing an order at a liquor store like East Side Wine & Spirits, here are some ideas that might help you to plan an unforgettable intimate fiftieth-anniversary party for yourselves. Read More …

Four Tips For Buying Wine For A Party

31 July 2018
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If you have a party coming up and plan on serving wine during the event, you need to think carefully about what wine you'll serve. Buying wine for a party is a bit different from buying a bottle to share with one or two friends. There are a lot of palates to please, and you can spend a great deal of money if you're not careful. Here are four tips to keep you on track. Read More …

Three Promotional Ideas To Offer Your Alcohol Delivery Clients

18 July 2018
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In order to retain lots of clients as an alcohol delivery service, you want to be courteous, accurate with your orders, and quick to deliver them. In this competitive market, however, you should also consider offering some promotions that your other delivery services that work in the same city don't have. Advertising these promotions on your website, on signs around town, and on your mobile app if you have one should encourage more people who are looking to buy alcohol without leaving their homes to choose you to provide it. Read More …